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St John Ambulance Ghana was established in 1937 by the British Police to start Emergency Medical Services in Ghana. As an agency, it operates under the subvention of the Ministry of Health (MOH). It is mandated to provide First Aid services, training and Ambulance services throughout the country. St John Ambulance has since been working as an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) provider in the area of First Aid Services, Care, Ambulance Services and Community Health and Youth Development.

First Aid Tips

If you or someone gets a knock-out tooth, get the tooth and hold its crown (the chewing end of the tooth) and re-insert it into the correct socket on the gum.
Do not pour water on unconscious or fainted casualty, nor smear anything on casualty face nor forcefully give food/drink to casualty.
08-07-2020: NOSE BLEED
Let casualty sit and lean forward; and pinch the nostrils tightly with the thumb and first finger for about five minutes. Casualty should breathe through the mouth during this period.
07-07-2020: MINOR BURNS
To reduce the damaging effects of minor skin burns, cool the burn site, cool the burn site with cool or lukewarm running water for 20 minutes as soon as possible.

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